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Why Big Awesome BBQ?


 We hold many top 10 finishes with the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) in  the chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket categories. We have also finished  in top 10 spots in ancillary categories such as side dishes, and  dessert.  We also compete with the World Food championships we have top  10 finished in their bacon and dessert categories. We have taken  people's choice awards at CNY area BBQ festivals as well. We don't just  say we are serving great food. We back it up! 

What sets us apart

Smoked bologna chub

Not only do we cook traditional North Carolina inspired barbecue we use it to create non-traditional menu item.  We don't use a crock pot, dump sauce on top and tell you its BBQ.  We put in the time and work to make it BBQ. If you're seeking catering what is on here is far from a complete list of what we are capable of.  Just get a hold of us, and we will work with you to create your menu. 

But I don't eat meat!

Seitan based ribs

Barbecue is about togetherness.  Nothing pairs better with a group of friends than some old fashioned outside cooking (except maybe beer).  We can make almost every item on our menu meatless and dairy free.  It has been important to us to make our food accessible to everyone.  Because like I said barbecue is about bringing people together, and you can't do that if you leave people out.

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